Hey Worship Leader or Volunteer! Don’t Forget These 2 Things

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  • Josh Kluge

Every week we release articles and videos all aimed at developing worship pastors, leaders, musicians, & vocalists. But instead of aiming our attention on one of the many ways we can get better at what God has called us to do – this week we want to simply encourage you with 2 things.


1) Although I’m Sure You Can Grow in Many Ways, Where You are Today is Enough.


I know for me, it’s so easy to feel like there’s so much I could get better at and grow in. That narrative can so quickly communicate that I am not enough. It’s easy to fall prey to the “grass is greener on the other side” mentality and fantasize about how much better our ministry would be if we personally grew in a specific area or if we developed others on our teams in a specific way.

What we have to remember is, even in light of how many ways we could grow, God is still using where we are today to deeply impact so many lives!

Keeping this at the forefront of our attention is so crucial for us to find content in where we are today. Otherwise, we will live from a place of striving and finding our personal value in our abilities, which is the antithesis of the message Jesus declares about who we are!

This doesn’t mean that we become complacent & throw growth and development to the wind.

It’s the simple reminder that says even in light of the ways we could be better, God is still doing amazing work through us exactly where we are today.


2) Although Every Week Might Look the Same, Every Week is Changing Lives


A large majority of our congregations come into the sanctuary, experience the service, and leave all without having direct contact with us. Even if we wanted to connect with them, our service days are often so packed that we hardly have time to connect with anyone.

But when all we do is complete our tasks and go home it’s so easy to lose sight of the level of impact that we are making.

Every worship service gives people an opportunity to adore and receive from the Lord in ways that no other environment can. 

What people believe about God is being shaped by the songs you’re leading. The lies they believe about themselves and the Lord are breaking off of their lives through every word they declare. The presence of God inhabits the sound you are creating. 

Every week seeds are planted that change the lives of people in your community forever!

When was the last time you thought about what you do in that way? I know it might sound extreme, but it is true!

The times of my life where the monotony of showing up, playing or leading a service, and going home was draining were the times I forgot these truths and was disconnected from stories of impact.

This is why no matter what role you have on your worship team, you must be connected to the testimonies coming from your congregation. 

Testimonies are the fuel that fills our hearts through weary seasons in ministry.


So, whether you feel like you’re in the middle of a ministry passion valley or on a mountain top, full of drive and stamina, remember this:


1) God is impacting lives through you exactly where you are at today in your abilities.

2) Although every week might look the same as the week before, every service is changing someone’s life.

Take heart, stay content, steward well, & keep changing the world for the Kingdom of God.

We love you and are cheering you on!



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