[Video] How To Use The Number System in Worship Music

How Number System

Last week I told you why bands like Hillsong, Bethel, and Planetshakers are using the number system, and why you should to.  You can read that post here!

Since then, I’ve received a ton of emails from people wanting to know HOW.  Well today that’s what we’re going to do!  I’m not just going to tell you how, I’m going to show you.  I’ve created 2 in-depth videos covering the number system from beginning to end.

These videos are in 2 parts.  The first part is very basic and the second part dives into the theory and why behind the number system.  If you already have somewhat of a knowledge of the number system, you may find yourself skipping ahead to video 2.  Enjoy! And if you have any questions, you can ask them below in the comments!

Part 1

Click Here to Watch Part 2!

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