Amanda Cook on Healing the Mind & Enriching Our Affection for Jesus

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Amanda Cook

Don’t miss this podcast episode featuring Amanda Cook, who shares her journey of mental inner healing that has grown her affection for Jesus.

Here we talk about how doing the work of examining your thoughts and anxieties will deepen your relationship with God.

Feeling closer to the Lord in an entirely new way & walking in greater levels of freedom.

We truly believe Amanda Cook’s story will be a springboard toward emotional healing and a strengthened life with Jesus.

Don’t miss our conversation on enriching our affection for Jesus through mental inner healing

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Amanda Cook’s Bio

Amanda Cook, a versatile writer, musician, and avid book lover, has been immersed in a lot of projects. With accolades like the Juno and Dove awards under her belt, Amanda Cook has experienced both triumph and loss, including the Juno and Dove awards and her sanity. She has fearlessly ventured into various pursuits, such as cooking, horseback riding, and attempting punctuality, only to encounter setbacks like perpetual tardiness, equestrian challenges, and a penchant for plant neglect.

Amidst the trials, she has also found success in reinvention, personal growth, and establishing a consistent bedtime routine. Music serves as her preferred vessel for self-expression and connection.

Her Accolades

As an artist, she has released multiple albums. These bodies of work delve into the intricacies of faith and doubt, love and loss, hope and despair, and the balance between enjoyment and drudgery. Exploring these themes under different aliases, including Amanda Cook, Falcon, and Ile Des Chenes, adds a whimsical touch to her creative journey.

Overall, while her faith in Jesus and a morning matcha latte fuels her optimism, she also finds joy in crafting songs that offer solace, restoration, and poetic resonance, whether they are heard or read.

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Amanda Cook’s New Release

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