Passion for Worship: Matt Redman Talks on Keeping a Pure Heart

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  • Josh Kluge


Passion for worship is easy to lose & can be hard to keep pure

In this episode, Matt shares his personal and often overlooked secrets on how he’s sustained a lifelong passion for worship.

He also shares the overlooked secrets that have kept him in love with Jesus after all his years of ministry.

Whether you’re a seasoned worshipper or a new to your worship team, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Matt’s honest and inspiring perspective will help you break through any obstacles and reignite your passion for worship.

This passion can be contagious and a healthy team dynamic can help to nurture and grow this passion among team members. Building healthy relationships within your worship team is essential for creating an environment where everyone can bring their best to the table and grow in their love for the Lord.

So, tune in to our podcast and discover the secrets to a lifelong passion for worship with Matt Redman.

If you’re looking to deepen your heart for the Lord & worship, then look no further than our podcast, where Matt Redman shares his personal and often overlooked secrets to sustaining a lifelong passion for worship. Matt’s wealth of experience in worship leading has equipped him with invaluable insights into how to cultivate a deep and meaningful connection with God through worship.

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