10 Worship Songs About Freedom [With Tutorials]

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Worship Songs About Freedom

Freedom is a concept that has inspired people for centuries, and it’s no different in the realm of worship music. Whether it’s the freedom we experience through our faith in Jesus or the freedom from societal and personal chains, these 10 worship songs about freedom explore the different facets of this important topic.

From upbeat anthems to more contemplative ballads, these tracks offer a powerful and emotional reminder of the freedom we have in Christ. Whether you’re a worship leader looking for new material for your next service or just a fan of uplifting and inspiring music, you’re sure to find something that resonates with you in this list of 10 worship songs about freedom.

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So without further ado…

10 Worship Songs About Freedom

1. Freedom – Jesus Culture

Where the Spirit
Of the Lord is
There is freedom
There is freedom

The first worship song about freedom on our list is no other than, well, Freedom. These lyrics express the idea that when we come into the presence of the Spirit of the Lord, we are freed from our chains, burdens, and scars. The lyrics encourage the listener to step out of the shadows and the grave, to break into the wild and not be afraid, and to run into wide open spaces where grace is waiting.

The chorus repeats the message that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, and that freedom can be found by coming out of the dark just as you are and into the fullness of God’s love. The final lines mention the power of Jesus’ name to bring freedom, with the idea that chains will fall and prisons shake at the sound of his name.

Ultimately, these lyrics express the idea that freedom can be found through our relationship with God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Set Free – Passion

Joy, joy, unspeakable joy
Hope like never before
You came for us
You are our freedom

These lyrics emphasize the joy and love found in Jesus that gives us freedom, but also reminds us of our responsibility to share it with the world. The lines “We lift a shout, we lift a shout / Everyone singing” recognize that Jesus’ gift of freedom must be shared so others can experience it too.

Additionally, “Joy, joy, unspeakable joy / Hope like never before” indicate that these lyrics remind us to continue believing in Christ despite any difficulties we may face – because no matter what happens, He will always bring us true freedom. Finally, the phrase “True, true, we know it’s true / We stand now, risen with You” recognizes that since Jesus has healed us, we can now stand strong and hold on to hope.

Through these powerful words of praise, we are reminded of how deeply loved and cherished we are by God.

3. We Are Free – Planetshaker

It is finished on the cross
Now I’m living in Your freedom
Jesus You have set me free

These lyrics relate to the theme of freedom by expressing the idea that Jesus has broken the chains that have held us captive and has set us free through his sacrifice on the cross and the power of his Spirit. The lyrics describe the feeling of being free, of not being held back or kept down, and of being surrounded by God’s goodness and grace.

The chorus emphasizes the idea that Jesus has set us free and has won the victory, and that we are now free indeed. The final lines repeat the message that nothing is going to hold us back or keep us down, and that we will give Jesus praise with everything we are.

Overall, these lyrics present the idea that freedom can be found through a relationship with Jesus and his power to break the chains that have held us captive.

4. Freedom – Bethel Music

You came to set the captives free
You came to bring us liberty
My sin and my rejection met
Your blood and my acceptance

These lyrics emphasize the powerful grace and mercy of Jesus that sets us free from all forms of captivity. The lines “You came to set the captives free / You came to bring us liberty” describe Jesus’ mission to liberate us and provide true freedom. Additionally, the phrase “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” emphasizes how when we surrender our lives to Christ, His presence will bring us freedom in any situation.

Finally, lines like “I’m free I’m free, I’m free to dance and sing” evoke a joyous celebration – as we are no longer held captive by anything or anyone, we now have the privilege to live fully as God’s children.

5. I Speak Jesus – Charity Gayle

I just wanna speak the name of Jesus
‘Til every dark addiction starts to break
Declaring there is hope and there is freedom

These lyrics are expressing a desire for freedom through the power of the name of Jesus. The singer wants to speak the name of Jesus to bring peace, hope, and healing to people struggling with darkness, addiction, fear, anxiety, and depression.

The singer believes that the name of Jesus has the power to break strongholds, shine through shadows, burn like fire, and overcome every enemy. The singer is declaring that the name of Jesus brings life and that speaking it can be a form of worship and a way to overcome darkness and bring light. When it comes to worship songs about freedom, this is one that can’t be missed.

6. Great Things – Phil Wickham

We dance in Your freedom
Awake and alive
Oh Jesus, our Savior
Your name lifted high

These lyrics are expressing the idea that through worshiping Jesus, people can experience freedom. The singer is acknowledging the great things that Jesus has done, including conquering the grave and freeing every captive and breaking every chain. The singer is dancing in the freedom that Jesus provides and lifting up His name.

The singer also acknowledges that God has been faithful through every storm and that He will continue to do great things. The lyrics are a declaration of faith in God’s power and ability to bring freedom and deliver people from their struggles. The repetition of the phrase “You have done great things” serves to emphasize this theme of freedom and deliverance through faith in Jesus.

7. Who You Say I Am – Hillsong Worship

Who the Son sets free
Oh is free indeed
I’m a child of God
Yes I am

These lyrics express the idea that through faith in Jesus, people can experience true freedom and become children of God. The singer is marveling at the idea that the highest King, Jesus, would welcome them despite their past lostness. The singer acknowledges that Jesus has set them free through His love and sacrifice on the cross.

The lyrics emphasize the theme of freedom by declaring that those who have been set free by Jesus are “free indeed.” The singer identifies as a child of God and speaks of a place in the Father’s house, further emphasizing the idea of belonging and acceptance through faith in Jesus. The repetition of the phrase “I’m a child of God” serves to emphasize this theme of freedom and belonging through faith in Jesus.

8. Chain Breaker – Zach Williams

If you feel lost
He’s a way maker
If you need freedom or saving
He’s a prison-shaking Savior

These lyrics are expressing the idea that Jesus offers a better life and freedom to those who are struggling with the same old problems and temptations. The singer acknowledges that many people have been walking the same old road, hearing the same old lies, and trying to fill the same old holes inside.

However, the singer declares that Jesus is a way maker, pain taker, prison-shaking Savior, and chain breaker, and that He offers a better life to those who turn to Him. The lyrics emphasize the theme of freedom by declaring that Jesus offers freedom and a way out of the same old struggles and temptations.

The repetition of the phrase “There’s a better life” serves to emphasize this theme of hope and freedom through faith in Jesus.

9. He Is Faithful – Bryan & Katie Torwalt
He is freedom
He is healing right now
He is hope and joy, love
And peace and life

These lyrics declare the freedom that is found in Jesus Christ. They express the joy and hope of a generation who are freed from brokenness and despair through His faithfulness, power, and healing. The chorus emphasizes this with its assurance of rising out of darkness, singing praises for Jesus and finding our hope, joy, love, peace, and life in Him.

Jesus brings freedom from pain and suffering, releasing us from bondage to sin and darkness so that we may live lives full of light.

10. Breakthrough – The Belonging Co

Nothing’s gonna keep me here
Oh, until I see a change
I’m lifting up Your name
There’s freedom in the atmosphere

The final worship song about freedom on our list is Breakthrough. These lyrics speak to the moment of breakthrough – when we let go of our fear and step out in faith, trusting in God’s word and His Spirit inside us. This is when we experience true freedom – when the chains of our past come undone and we are able to launch into life with new hope, joy, and purpose.

Let us declare that this is our breakthrough today – that no matter what challenges lie ahead or what fears are still looming, God has already provided a way for us to be set free!

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