Anthem Worship Shares 1 Simple Trick to Changing Worship Team Culture

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Anthem Worship

Are you ready to make a change in your worship team culture? Change can be daunting, especially when shifting the culture within your worship team. In today’s episode with Anthem Worship, we discuss an incredibly easy trick that can ignite a transformation in your team’s culture.

It’s a simple yet profound concept that has the power to create an environment where growth, unity, and excellence flourish.

By the end of this episode, you’ll have a powerful tool to turn your worship team culture into the vibrant and fulfilling environment you long to see.

Anthem Worship’s Bio

Anthem Worship is a worship collective located at Anthem x LLUC, situated on the grounds of Loma Linda University in California. The primary purpose of Anthem is to inspire individuals to embrace and have genuine faith in the love and grace of God through contemporary, Christ-centered music.

Joshua Jamieson, the pastor and band leader of Anthem Worship, expresses he desires for the collective to connect with a new generation. How they do this is by seeking refreshing and innovative music while still conveying the timeless message of God’s love.

The Early Days

Initially, Anthem Worship gained traction by conducting online services and sharing music video covers on YouTube. Their rendition of “My Testimony” caught the attention of the official Elevation Worship team, who reposted it. Building upon this success, Anthem Worship released their debut EP, Universal Hearts, in July 2021. This EP not only includes the well-received cover but also features five original songs that are sung during their weekly gatherings, including “You Are Strong,” “Universal Hearts,” and “Church Song.”

In 2022, Anthem Worship composed and released a song called “Here to Stay,” which revolves around the unwavering faithfulness of God in all circumstances. This song premiered during the church’s vision night and quickly became a favorite among the congregation.

On November 11, 2022, Anthem Worship unveiled their second studio EP, titled Human. This EP comprises six impactful songs that explore how God comprehends and encompasses every experience we go through because he, too, was human.

Where they are today

Lately, Anthem Worship has been actively engaged in various creative pursuits. They have been pouring their hearts into songwriting, crafting lyrics that resonate with where their community is at now. Through their music, they aim to facilitate a profound encounter with Jesus for their community. Ultimately, their goal is enabling individuals to experience His love and presence in a deep and transformative way.

Their recent releases of “Giants” has been nothing short of remarkable. Anthem Worship continues to push the boundaries of worship music.

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