Bethany MSC: Cultivating Longevity & Lasting Impact

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Bethany MSC

Do you want your ministry to last? Of course you do! Today we talk with Bethany MSC about how they’ve done it.

Longevity is important not only for the ministry but for the community that God has called that ministry to reach.

Today, we’re speaking with Bethany MSC, a church that has thrived for over 60 years to learn all about leading with longevity in mind.

What sets this podcast episode apart is that we talk through tangible steps that you can implement right now.

Great leaders build ministries that last and that’s what we discuss today with Bethany MSC.

About Bethany MSC

Bethany MSC champions the cause and is a part of Bethany Church, a local church with multiple locations in Louisiana committed to bringing all people into the life, family, and purpose of God.

A community of singers, musicians, and songwriters who are passionate about serving God’s people through songwriting and leading them into His presence. Bethany MSC’s mission to provide space for people to encounter God is more important than the music itself.

The team’s desire is to release fresh sounds that inspire people to draw near to God. Bethany MSC writes songs to give people language and an outlet for expressing their hearts in worship. Together, they are bringing all people into the life, family, and purpose of God through the gift of music.

Their history

Although the current expression of worship is Bethany MSC, Bethany Church has been releasing worship for a long time. Senior Pastor Jonathan Stockstill has been pioneering the sound of worship and the language of heaven. Through songs like Holy Fire, Let the Church Rise, all the way to the present day, Bethany Church has been touching the world through the worship the Lord’s writing through them.

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Bethany MSC’s New Release

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