Elevation Rhythm: Staying Healthy During High-Demand Ministry Seasons

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Elevation Rhythm

Busy, high-demand ministry seasons can be really taxing! So what does it look to stay healthy while also doing them well? Today, Josh Holiday from Elevation Rhythm shares what he’s found to be key for staying healthy during high-demand seasons.

Discover how they balance intense ministry demands with personal wellness, ensuring ministry stays excellent and health is maintained.

Don’t miss out on these incredibly valuable insights. Tune in now to learn how to manage your ministry’s busy seasons.

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Elevation Rhythm Bio

Elevation Rhythm, an innovative youth worship ministry of Elevation Church, has been captivating audiences with its dynamic sound and energetic performances. The group is known for blending contemporary Christian music with modern pop and electronic influences, creating a unique and engaging worship experience. The group aims to connect with the younger generation, inspiring them through relatable lyrics and powerful melodies. Their mission is to create music that resonates with today’s youth, encouraging them to deepen their faith and live it out.

History and Formation

Elevation Rhythm was formed as an extension of Elevation Church’s desire to reach and engage the next generation. Recognizing the importance of music in the lives of young people, Elevation Church sought to create a relevant and impactful worship experience. Elevation Rhythm emerged from this vision, quickly gaining a following for its fresh and contemporary sound. Over the years, they have released several albums and singles that have resonated deeply with their audience. Each release showcases their growth and commitment to creating authentic, high-energy worship music.

Style and Influence

Elevation Rhythm’s music is a vibrant mix of pop, electronic, and contemporary Christian influences. They draw inspiration from a variety of genres, blending them seamlessly to create a sound that is both modern and deeply spiritual. Their songs often feature catchy hooks, powerful beats, and thought-provoking lyrics. Elevation Rhythm aims to create an immersive worship experience, using their music to connect listeners deeper with God. Their innovative approach to worship music sets them apart in the Christian music scene.

Elevation Rhythm x Forrest Frank’s “Praises REMIX”

Elevation Rhythm released their song “Praises” on the record titled “This is the Gospel” in 2023. Following the release of Praises, they collaborated with artist Forrest Frank to create Praises REMIX. In an interview with Forrest, he shared how this collaboration came to life. Forrest shares, “After posting Elevation Rhythm’s original version on my Instagram story, Josh Holiday reached out asking if I wanted to attempt a remix. I immediately envisioned a beachy, bouncy feel with more resolution in the chord progression.” This remix is the perfect blend of Forrest Frank’s unique style and Elevation Rhythm’s dynamic energy, resulting in a fresh, uplifting worship anthem.

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Praises by Elevation Rhythm

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