Episode 136 • The Mindset Shifts that will Change Your Life with Hope Darst

  • Oct 8th, 2020


What if your life’s heading towards destruction and it’s all because of your mindset? The choices we make and everything about who we are all stems from belief. What if what you believe about life is fueling actions that are destroying it?

Hope Darst is a dear friend of the show and has decades of experience with this very thing. Her story is one of 20 years of unexpected delays & resignation.

Yet what she gained in the process was far more valuable than any record deal or recognition could give her. It has set her up to be far more impactful than she could have ever dreamed.

If you feel like God has called you to something significant of any kind, you cannot afford to miss this conversation. Hope’s insights will unlock inside of you everything you need to become all you were made to be.

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