Pat Barrett’s Co-Writing Secrets & How It’s Made Him a Better Writer

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Pat Barrett


If you want to elevate your skill as a songwriter, today’s episode is a must-listen! Pat Barrett dives into the secrets of his songwriting and what he’s learned from collaborating with legends like Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman.

Pat also unpacks how to approach co-writing & why it will make you a better writer.

Whether you’re a budding songwriter or a seasoned veteran, this episode is a wealth of game-changing wisdom. Don’t miss it!

Pat Barrett’s Bio

Pat Barrett, is a name that resonates deeply in the world of worship music. This Atlanta-based worship leader has a knack for crafting songs that aren’t just melodies but anthems of truth, comfort, and encounter. You might know him from hits like “Build My Life,” “The Way (New Horizon),” and the world-reaching “Good Good Father.” Each song is a testament to his profound impact as a key songwriter and artist in the worship music community.

His Early Days

Undoubtedly, Barrett’s journey in music has been nothing short of remarkable. From his early days with bands like Unhindered and Housefires, he’s always had a way with words and melodies. Speaking of Housefires, he was one of the founding members back in 2014, and together they created some soul-stirring music, including the chart-topping “Good Good Father.”

2018 was a big year for Pat Barrett – he stepped into the spotlight as a solo artist with his debut album, a self-titled masterpiece that soared on the charts. This album wasn’t just a collection of songs; it was a narrative of faith, hope, and love, beautifully encapsulated in tracks like “The Way (New Horizon)” and “Build My Life.” His talent didn’t go unnoticed – he was even nominated for the New Artist of the Year at the 49th GMA Dove Awards.

Adding to his accolades, Pat Barrett was the first artist to sign with Chris Tomlin’s label imprint, Bowyer & Bow.

What Pat’s Doing Now

Fast forward to now, and he’s continuing to give people the language of truth with his third studio album, “Shelter.”

With 23 of his co-written songs gracing the CCLI Top 2000 chart, it’s clear that Pat Barrett’s influence in worship music is both profound and far-reaching. Whether leading worship in Atlanta or sharing his gift on global platforms, Pat Barrett is a true beacon of grace, peace, and truth. He continually guides people towards deeper, authentic worship. Pat is someone who truly walks humbly and constantly points us to the shelter we have in Jesus. Overall, what we love about Pat Barrett, though, is, that even while being a global figure, he actively postures himself in a manner that’s not about him.

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