Red Rocks Worship: Is Your Worship Leading Unknowingly Steering People into Idol Worship?

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Red Rocks Worship

Could Your Worship Leadership be Unintentionally Steering People Toward Idol Worship? This episode with Red Rocks Worship tackles this game-changing question head-on, offering indispensable insights for worship leaders and their teams.

Special Guest: Red Rocks Worship brings their seasoned perspective on what it truly means to center on the Lord in our worship leadership.  

Why This Matters:

It’s critical that we evaluate if our leadership might inadvertently be placing something – even good things like the love of spontaneous worship or excellent quality bands – other than God on that throne.

Critical Takeaways:

  • Worship isn’t just a Sunday experience; it’s a committed lifestyle.
  • Small, unnoticed shifts could be paving the way for heresy in our leadership.
  • Leading with ‘fear of the Lord’ is crucial to keep your worship genuinely focused on what pleases Heaven.

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Red Worship Worship Bio

Red Rocks Worship serves as the heartbeat of their church. A team of worship leaders and songwriters deeply passionate about connecting people to Jesus through music. Red Rocks Worship is not just a byproduct of Red Rocks Church; it’s a central force cultivating spaces where people can experience the divine.

Fueled by a commitment to authenticity and humility, Red Rocks Worship aims to be more than just a Sunday morning worship team. Their goal is to inspire a lifestyle of worship that extends beyond the walls of the church and into every aspect of life.

Their history

Originating from Red Rocks Church, which has various locations, including Denver-area campuses and even international and prison-based locations, Red Rocks Worship has taken on a life of its own. Their music is their ministry, and their ministry is geared towards creating atmospheres where people can encounter God’s presence.

In a nutshell, Red Rocks Worship exists to draw more people into a genuine relationship with God, enriching our larger mission to make Heaven more crowded.

Mentioned in the Episode

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