VIVE Worship on Staying Rooted: How Commitment to Your Local Church Promotes Spiritual Health

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VIVE Worship on the power of being rooted:

Join us for our conversation with VIVE Worship, discussing how being present & consistent within a community will profoundly impact your life.

We all understand that attending a church is an important part of cultivating a meaningful spiritual life.

Commitment and active engagement with one community brings greater benefits than jumping around from church to church ever could.

Hence our conversation today!

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VIVE Worship’s Bio

VIVE Worship is a team of gifted, devoted worship leaders and musicians whose passion is to lift up God’s name through music.

Every Sunday, they actively lead worship and craft anointed songs to usher in the presence of God. Furthermore, as the lead artist band of VIVE Global Music, their music has the power to connect you to God in a deeper way and help you experience His love and grace like never before.

All in all, listen to VIVE Worship’s music, and get ready to experience God’s presence in a powerful way.

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