Worship Pedalboard Secrets Shared by 3 Legendary Guitarists

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Worship Pedalboard Secrets


Immerse yourself in the advanced techniques of worship guitar mastery with E Edwards, Casey Moore, and Cory Pierce in this incredible Part 2 episode! Today they share some of their big worship pedalboard secrets that shape their tone and signal chain.

Here in Part 2, we tackle many high-level worship electric guitar topics:

  • Signal Chain Secrets: Unravel the secrets behind their signal chains and unique ways they approach their signal flow.

  • Overdrive Evolution: Discover the overdrive pedal that has dethroned the King of Tone and why it’s become a favorite for crafting signature sounds.

  • Delay Deep Dive: Explore their delay settings and presets that add depth and dimension to their playing.

  • HX Stomp Strategies: Learn how they leverage the versatility of HX Stomps to create complex soundscapes and streamline their pedalboards.

  • FX Loops Explained: Gain insights into how they utilize FX loops to fine-tune their sound and seamlessly audition new pedals with their board.

  • Volume Balancing Hack: Pick up a clever trick for getting a consistent volume out of guitars with different output levels.

  • Advice for Aspiring Guitarists: Hear their invaluable advice for young worship guitar players on key focus areas to unlock their full potential.

With their deep knowledge and experience with leading worship artists like Elevation Worship, Brooke Ligertwood, Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, and Leeland, this episode is packed with so many worship pedalboard secrets for guitarists looking to elevate their craft and playing.

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Part 1 was also packed with their worship pedalboard secrets & worship guitar-playing tips & tricks.

  • Favorite electric guitar chords to play in a worship set

  • Must-have pedals that shape their unique sounds and how you can use them to add depth and emotion to your worship sessions.

  • Tricks for gaining confidence up the neck of the guitar.

  • Practical tips for writing inspiring lead lines.

  • Essentials for playing with 2 or 3 electric guitarists on stage

These two episodes have some of the biggest modern worship guitar secrets. We know if you listen, you’ll learn worship pedalboard secrets & guitar-playing tricks that will enhance your tone and make you a better player.

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