Worship Team Green Room: A Look at Elevation Church’s Green Room Culture

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  • Josh Kluge

Worship Team Green Room

Have you ever wondered what the worship team green room culture is like at churches like Elevation Church?

The green room is more than just a backstage area. It’s a space where a deeper level of community is formed.

Here we talk with Chris Brown about all things green room with Elevation Worship. Things like snacks, sitting in the church service together as a team, saying hey to people in the lobby, etc.

There are a lot of different opinions surrounding how the church green room should be approached.

Today’s conversation with Chris helps us look at the topic from a higher vantage point to help us determine what’s best for our individual communities.

The tension of the worship team green room

The topic of the worship team green room brings up a very specific conversation about a very unique tension we have in worship team ministry. Also, it reveals a very unique dynamic that we face specifically in our ministry. That is, the balance between taking care of our people for the extra sacrifice they are making while also not elevating their value above the rest of the community. 

The worship team green room is a place that very easily can turn into an isolation space that keeps the worship team away from the church. That’s not the purpose of this room. In fact, I would imagine that using the green room to isolate from the rest of the congregation is directly against your church’s core values. However, we do want to take care of our people and give them a place of rest and nourishment in light of their long days of serving. Ultimately, this is why I do think that having a worship team green room is important.

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