Spontaneous Worship on Keys

Spontaneous Worship on Keys

You’ve practiced all your parts, and the set just ended, BUT… worship keeps going… What now?

Despite what many may think, being able to play spontaneous worship actually takes a lot of practice! It is also an extremely necessary skill for many church keyboardists or pianist to have.

Altar calls, communion, transitions, times of prayer…. today we will teach you how to flow, play by ear, and be prepared for any scenario where you may need to improvise on keys.

In these 2 videos, our keys instructor, Keith Duell, breaks it down to teach you some practical ways to improvise in a worship setting.

We’ve also included a FREE DOWNLOAD of the MainStage patch used in this video! Just click the link to Part 2 and we’ll send that right to you.

 In Part 1, Keith teaches you how to:

  • Find your chord progression in any key
  • Establish your sound
  • And how to best communicate with your pastor/worship leader

Watch now!


Click here to watch part 2!

Click the link above for instant access to Part 2 of Spontaneous Worship on Keys and your FREE Mainstage Patch download!

In Part 2, you will learn:

  • How to anticipate the right dynamics to play
  • Layering and adding reverb
  • Volume
  • Chord Density
  • Low Pass Filters (LPF)
  • And easy improvisation tricks that make you sound amazing!


 What tricks have you learned while having to improvise on keys during worship? And what else what you like to see on the blog? Tell us in the comments below!

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