Why You Aren’t Getting Better At Guitar (Or Any Instrument)

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  • Shalon Palmer

Why You Aren't Getting Better At Guitar

If you’re like me, sometimes you feel “stuck” in your playing. What I mean by “stuck” is, you find yourself not getting any better and you’re just playing the same ole things over and over. You may not know this, but this is actually a good sign.

When you reach a point when you are stuck, you’ve essential increased as far as you can at your current level and you’re right at the point of your breakthrough to the next level. I have to mention that these “stuck” points are the hardest to break through. However, you have the most to gain by pushing through them!

So what do we do to push through those “stuck” moments? People ask me all the time, “What do I practice? I’m stuck in my learning.” You can try to practice scales, theory, exercises, but breaking through that wall comes down to one big thing. Inspiration. I firmly believe in the idea of inspiration over information. Scales and theory are just information.

You have to find inspiration if you’re going to push through to the next level of your playing! You won’t practice the information if you’re bored or not inspired. When I find inspiration, I can literally sit and practice/play all day.

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Many of you know that exact feeling, and have done that very thing. Try to remember what inspired you to do it? Inspiration comes in all sorts of forms.

Music can inspire. When it comes to practicing my guitar, I find a lot of my inspiration in other musicians. Personally, I’m on a Johnny Lang kick right now. I even get inspired by great guitar tone. The guitar tone in the last few Bethel albums, really get’s my creativity going. When you find something, play along with it!

When I first started playing guitar, my inspiration was a girl I was trying to impress. Of course that only took me so far. But hey, it got me playing and practicing! Your inspiration could be a mentor, a teacher, or even the Worship Online tutorials!

I also continually find inspiration in God and the Holy Spirit. When I look at the things He’s doing in my life and all around me, I can’t help but be filled with his presence. And that’s inspiring!

Find your inspiration! And whatever your inspiration is, use it! Use the heck out of it and push through to your next level! You’re so close! (I feel like a motivational speaker)

What are some artist or things that inspire you? Leave a comment!

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