10 Worship Songs About Courage [With Tutorials]

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Worship Songs About Courage

Worship has always been a source of inspiration and encouragement for people facing life’s challenges. For those seeking courage, there are countless worship songs that offer comfort and support. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of 10 worship songs about courage.

Whether you’re facing fear and anxiety, or simply need a boost of confidence, these songs will remind you of God’s faithfulness and power. From uplifting ballads to upbeat anthems, each of these worship songs will inspire you to be bold and courageous in the face of any obstacle.

So whether you’re singing in a church choir, or simply listening to music on your own, these songs are sure to bring hope and inspiration to your heart.

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We hope this list helps you find just the right songs to make your next worship service truly remarkable.

So without further ado…

10 Worship Songs About Courage

1. Same God – Elevation Worship

I know with You
All things are possible
I’m calling on
The God of David (yes, I am)
Who made a shepherd boy courageous

The first worship song about courage on our list is Same God. These lyrics emphasize the need for courage and strength in challenging times. Through references to biblical characters — such as Jacob, Moses, Mary and David — they remind us that faith has provided comfort and hope to people throughout history.

The refrain “O God, my God, I need You now” expresses the desperation and urgency of difficult situations. Meanwhile, the lines “I’m standing on Your faithfulness / On Your faithfulness” offer a powerful reminder of our trust in God no matter what lies ahead.

2. Battle Belongs – Phil Wickham

And every fear I lay at Your feet
I’ll sing through the night
Oh God, the battle belongs to You

These powerful lyrics remind us that God is by our side and gives us courage, even in the toughest times. With our faith, we can defeat whatever stands in our way — be it a literal battle, an emotional challenge or any other source of fear. We can confidently face our “mountain” knowing that God will move it out of our way.

And when all else fails, we can take refuge in His unending love and mercy. When all we see is ashes and crosses, He sees beauty and empty tombs — signs of redemption and hope. The song affirms that no matter the struggle or the worry, God is ultimately in control and He has the victory.

3. That’s the Power – Hillsong Worship

There’s a hope that calls out courage
And in the furnace unafraid
The kind of daring expectation
That every prayer I make

The Name of Jesus carries immense power, which brings strength and courage to those who call upon it. In the face of giants and strongholds, the Name makes a way for healing and hope. Even in the depths of despair, we can have the kind of daring expectation that comes from knowing Jesus has rolled away even our darkest graves.

His mighty Name gives us courage to be unafraid no matter what we might face. Knowing He is with us enables us to take heart and keep going in difficult times.

4. Fearless – Jesus Culture

Known and protected
Here in your arms
My shame is unraveling, unraveling
You make me

These lyrics are from the song “Fearless” by Bethel Music. The song is about the transformative power of God’s grace and love, and how it can help us overcome fear and shame. The song encourages listeners to embrace the courage that comes from being in relationship with God, and to leave behind the fears and insecurities of the past.

The lyrics suggest that as we focus on God’s presence and trust in His love and protection, we become fearless and free to live out our lives with joy and confidence. By acknowledging the power of God’s grace and trust in His love, we are able to overcome fear and embrace a sense of courage.

5. No Weapon – Pat Barrett

When darkness closes in on every side
When battles rage and when the waters rise
I fear no evil for I know the truth
Nothing can separate my heart from You

These lyrics speak of the courage and faith we can find in God’s love, knowing even when darkness and battles seem to be closing in all around, nothing can separate our hearts from Him. Although fear may rise within us, His truth gives us strength to trust in Him despite any difficulties or doubts that come our way.

With faith in God, we can be reminded that He is sovereign over all and nothing is impossible for Him. His love provides an unshakeable source of courage, enabling us to overcome any challenge that comes our way. When it comes to worship songs about courage, this is one that can’t be missed.

6.  Peace Be Still – The Belonging Co.

Peace be still
Say the word and I will
Set my feet upon the sea
Till I’m dancing in the deep

These lyrics showcase the courage to face our fears and not give in to doubt or worry. Despite the powerful waves and storms of life, we can find peace knowing that God is here with us, and His voice speaks truth that we can trust even when our eyes cannot see. These words remind us that although fear may seem like it has power over us, it doesn’t have to control us – instead, we can choose courage and trust in God’s greater love and faithfulness.

7.  I Speak Jesus – Charity Gayle

I just wanna speak the name of Jesus
Over fear and all anxiety
To every soul held captive by depression
I speak Jesus

These lyrics relate to the theme of courage as they describe the singer’s desire to use the power of faith and belief in Jesus to overcome various challenges, including fear, addiction, and depression. The lyrics suggest that speaking the name of Jesus can bring peace and hope, and can break the chains of oppression and negativity.

By speaking the name of Jesus and invoking the power of his love and grace, the singer shows their courage in the face of adversity and their belief that with the help of their faith, they can overcome any obstacle.

8. Take Courage – Bethel Music

Take courage my heart
Stay steadfast my soul
He’s in the waiting

These lyrics remind us that in times of waiting and uncertainty, we can find courage in taking time to slow down, breathe, and remember God’s faithfulness. Even when our thoughts cannot comprehend all that is ahead, His plans are higher than ours, and we have hope knowing He will never fail in fulfilling them.

Through trusting Him in the waiting, we can find strength and joy even as our triumph slowly unfolds.

9. Oceans – Hillsong UNITED

Where feet may fail
And fear surrounds me
You’ve never failed
And You won’t start now

These lyrics emphasize the courage and trust that comes from believing in God’s presence even in seemingly impossible situations. Calling on His name even when fear is surrounding us, we can find assurance that our faith will be made stronger when we allow Him to lead us closer to Him.

Keeping our eyes above the waves of life’s struggles, we can rest knowing He will never fail us and embrace us with His grace.

10. You Make Me Brave – Bethel Music

You call me out beyond
The shore into the waves
You make me brave

The final worship song about courage on our list is You Make Me Brave. These lyrics relate to the theme of courage by expressing a strong belief in the power and love of a higher power. The singer is standing before this higher power, recognizing the greatness of their reputation and bowing in humility.

The singer has heard of the wonders of God’s power and believes in his love, which they describe as crashing over them in wave after wave. The singer feels called by God’s power and is willing to venture out into their grace, even if it means venturing beyond the familiar and into the unknown.

The message of these lyrics is one of hope and encouragement, promoting the idea that belief in God can provide the courage to face any obstacle, and that God will always be there to support and protect.

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