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9 Worship Band Leading Mistakes: Which Ones Are You Making?

I’m going to be completely honest. Through my years of leading worship bands, I’ve flopped o...

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A Familiar Obstacle For Musicians – Are You Ready To Overcome It?

Today I want to talk about something that affects worship musicians everywhere.  I call it the ...

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worship band practice rehearsal

4 Reasons Why Your Band Should Stop Practicing and Start Rehearsing

Does your band have practice or rehearsal? And did you even realize that there is a difference bet...

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worship online bass guitar tutorials

Introducing Worship Online Bass Guitar Tutorials

Yes, you read that correct! We have officially launched bass guitar tutorials onto Worship Online!...

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The ultimate guide to using a guitar capo

The Ultimate Guide To Using A Guitar Capo

I get asked all of the time about using a guitar capo, or where to capo for certain keys. I coul...

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Why Not Doing This One Simple Thing Could Be Killing Your Team

  Do you meet with your team after service is over?  Or does everyone just scatter?  I...

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