Everything a Guitar Player Should do Before Soundcheck with Nick Mayer

How many times have you barely survived a soundcheck because you came unprepared?


For me, the number is 4753634252354986. Preparation is the key to not only playing the set well, but also to growing as a musician. But, like so many things in life…

There are right ways and wrong ways to go about preparation.

Nick Mayer, guitar player for the Christian southern rock artist, Zach Williams & a regular around here, shared with us everything he does to prepare for a set. Not all of it is just sitting down with his instrument & playing through the songs either.

In fact, there’s a lot of things he does besides just playing along with the song.

If you apply these insights to your process of preparation we know it will make you a better player all around, increase your confidence on stage, & give you the peace of mind to focus completely on worshipping God from the moment you show up. Click this link to watch Part 2!

Click this link to watch Part 2!

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