Citipointe Worship: Conquering the 3 Common Young Worship Leader Pitfalls

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  • Josh Kluge

Citipointe Worship

Three pitfalls frequently entangle the inner journey of worship leaders. Can you identify which one has caught you?

Today, Citipointe Worship exposes the true challenges worship leaders face in seeking significance through success, stature, and talent.

They share transformative thoughts on leading with authenticity and how to refocus on what truly matters. Our calling is to foster a community centered on Christ, not charisma.

About Citipointe Worship

Citipointe Worship is the dynamic and vibrant worship team that embodies the heart and soul of Citipointe Church in Brisbane, Australia. This collective of musicians and songwriters is dedicated to crafting a prophetic sound that magnifies Jesus Christ and ushers people into a profound experience of divine intimacy.

With roots deeply planted in the fertile spiritual soil of Citipointe Church, Citipointe Worship (previously recognized as Citipointe Live) has a heartfelt mission: to see the glory of God revealed across the continents and individuals living in the liberating freedom offered through Jesus. The team stands as a beacon of the church’s vision to ‘unmistakably influence the world for good and for God.’

Citipointe Worship is not just a group of artists—they are ministers who pursue the presence of God with every chord struck and every note sung. Their purpose extends beyond performance; they are passionate about empowering other worship teams, providing resources, training, and encouragement to lead congregations into transformative encounters with God.

The impact of their music

Their music transcends cultural and denominational barriers, bringing together believers from all walks of life. The songs of Citipointe Worship resonate with the sound of hope and the power of redemption, serving as anthems for countless individuals seeking a touch from Heaven.

Citipointe Worship’s future

As Citipointe Worship continues to expand its horizons, their reach extends far beyond local church walls. With a global footprint, their anointed worship leads millions into the presence of God, fostering moments where Heaven meets Earth. Through their music and ministry, Citipointe Worship remains committed to their calling—leaving an indelible mark of divine influence on our world for the glory of God.

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