NewSpring Worship: How Insecurity Affects Your Worship Leading

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  • Josh Kluge

NewSpring Worship

Do you ever catch yourself measuring the success of a service by the amount of feedback you receive or how well you think you performed? I think everyone identifies with that experience.

Insecurity is a common human experience, but it doesn’t have to rule your worship leadership.

Additionally, I believe there’s a direct correlation between losing sight of our intended purpose and giving in to insecurity.

In today’s episode with NewSpring Worship, we discuss how to realign our self-worth & regain a healthy perspective on our roles as worship leaders.

Join us as we dive into the relationship between understanding our purpose and overcoming insecurities.

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NewSpring Worship’s Bio

Located in the heart of South Carolina, NewSpring Worship is a vibrant, dynamic, and diverse collective of creatives, blossoming out of NewSpring Church. Since its inception in the year 2000, NewSpring Church has grown into a multi-campus community. Its influence reaches far beyond physical boundaries to impact millions globally. The heart of the community pulsates through its engaging sermons, soul-stirring music, and inspiring online content that continues to touch and transform countless lives.

Overall NewSpring Worship, carries a single, unifying mission: to create an irresistible connection between people and Jesus, and foster a sense of community among believers. It’s important to NewSpring Worship that their music is not limited to any single demographic. It’s for everyone.

The mission behind their music

Their intention is to craft a deeply engaging, compelling experience week after week. One of NewSpring Worships’ guiding principles is to meet every generation where they are, appreciating their unique experiences and perspectives. Practically that looks like them writing and releasing songs that resonate with every generation and heritage present in their community. Overall, they believe in embracing the rich diversity of their community, acknowledging that every age group has its own special place in the grand tapestry of their worship.

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