Top 5 Worship Drumming Tips with Brendan Tan (Hillsong Young & Free)

Top 5 Worship Drumming Tips With Brendan Tan (Hillsong Young & Free)

The difference between an amateur drummer and a pro is all in the details. In this free 2 part series, Brendan Tan (drummer for Hillsong Young & Free) shares his top 5 drumming tips and gives step by step exercises that have played a huge role in his success as a professional drummer. Part 1 covers…

  1. Warm-Ups for Playing Long Sets
  2. Playing in Church
  3. Getting a Good Groove
  4. Writing Drum Parts
  5. Learning Other Genres

Watch part 1 below!

In part 2, Brendan Tan applies the concepts from part 1 and demonstrates some pretty advanced hits and synth stabs while playing along to a track by Harrison Wood (free download of the track available in part 2). To access, enter your email in the purple box below!

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Leave a question or comment below, and let us know what drumming tips from this series helped you the most!

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