5 Worship Bass Pedalboards You Must See

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Worship Bass Pedalboards

Let’s be honest; the bass guitar often gets overlooked when it comes to the overall sound of a worship team. When we think of worship team audio mix, we think of huge guitars and massive drums. So naturally, bass players don’t push to develop their sound because it’s an afterthought instrument. Many people plug their bass into a tuner and call it a day, missing out on the immense potential that a well-crafted bass guitar tone can bring to the overall sound. But as a worship bass guitar player, there’s a vast landscape of sonic possibilities that sound better and will enhance the worship team’s overall sound.

So in this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the five best worship bass pedalboards on the market today and show you how to take your bass guitar tone to the next level.

We reached out to the bass players for Elevation Worship, Bethel Music, Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Brooke Ligertwood, and The Belonging Co. & they each sent back photos and links to the specific gear they are currently using! Unquestionably in this post, you’ll find all the bass pedalboard essentials.

Additionally, we’ll provide an in-depth breakdown of the signal chain for each of the featured bass players’ pedalboards. Whether you’re a seasoned worship bass guitar player or just starting, this blog post will provide the inspiration and valuable insights to take your sound to new heights.

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1. Elevation Worship Bass Pedalboard & Cody Carnes Bass Pedalboard

Shae Wooten

Shae Wooten's Pedalboard

Pedalboard Signal Chain

Dunlop DVP4 > Prestige > Cali76 > OC-2 > Rv-5  > JHS Moonshine > Walrus Ages > JHS Kilt > electro-harmonix Microsynth > Walrus M1 > HX Stomp > Noble

A Few Notes on Shae’s Pedalboard

This board is a beautiful combination of modern classics and new explorations. Shae shared a very, very interesting note about his signal chain. “I like my mods before my drives to get weird textures from my drives.” Also, it was interesting to hear that he has specific pedals on his worship bass pedalboard for particular guitars. For instance, the Moonshine he uses on his P Bass. The Ages on his jazz bass. 

What I sincerely appreciate about Shae as a player is his commitment to tone and creativity over convention. It shows in his sounds and playing.

2. Brandon Lake Bass Pedalboard & Worship Online Pedalboard

David Curran

David Curran's Pedalboard

Pedalboard Signal Chain

Tuner > HX Stomp (2 mono lines out)

Left: clean signal to the noble. 

Right: micro synth > hx effects/cabs going into the JHS Colour Box

A Few Notes on David’s Pedalboard

First, David Curran is an absolute beast of a bass player, a critical note in and of itself. Second, as you can see in the details mentioned above in his signal chain, Curran always runs two outputs. This allows him to provide the entire frequency spectrum from his bass. It allows for a richer tone that could get lost with tons of different effects engaged. I’ve experienced this beauty from his board firsthand (so have many Worship Online subscribers learned from his lessons). It truly pays off!

If you’re an HX Stomp user, check out some of David’s available patches. They are genuinely unreal and perfect for any worship bass pedalboard! He also has an incredible video on the best bass guitars for worship.

3. Brooke Ligertwood Bass Pedalboard

Cassie Campbell

Cassie Campbell's Pedalboard

Pedalboard Signal Chain

Boss TU-3s Tuner (acting as a buffer) > send/return Ernie Ball 40th anniversary volume pedal > Electro Harmonix Micro Synth > Microtubes Overdrive > Boss DD-5 – Boss RV-5 – Aguilar Tone Hammer > Countryman DT10S DI

A Few Notes on Cassie’s Pedalboard

Cassie has always been a pioneer in the worship bass space. She’s loved by all and played with everyone under the sun. This is an essential mention because it showcases how she carries something rich. When I received the photo of her pedalboard, I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised to discover the unique approach to her setup. 

Notice the unique junction box she has in the bottom right corner. I love this thing. It combines a lot of functions into one. First, it’s an external tap tempo for the DD-5. Second, this is super cool; it’s a send/return for external pedals that aren’t on her pedalboard. This is a valuable ability for someone trying out new pedals and sounds. You don’t have to tear up the board to get a new pedal in the signal chain. As far as worship bass pedalboards go, this is a quality classic.

4. Bethel Music Bass Pedalboard

Mat Ogden

Mat Ogden's Worship Bass Pedalboard

Pedalboard Signal Chain

Polytune 3 Tuner > Keeley Compressor Pro > Dunlop DVP4 Volume > Electro Harmonix Micro Synth > Aguilar Fuzzistor > Aguilar Tone Hammer > Rupert Neve Direct Box

A Few Notes About Mat’s Pedalboard

This board is clean, simple, consistent, and massive. Every pedal on this worship bass pedalboard serves a specific purpose. The tone from the compressor pro is perfect. The depth you get from the micro synth is massive. The crunch provided by the Fuzzistor will melt your face. It’s honestly such a fantastic board!

5. Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes Bass Pedalboard and The Beloning Co. Bass Pedalboard

Dan Alber

Dan Alber's Pedalboard

Pedalboard Signal Chain

HX stomp > Aguilar Tone Hammer

A Few Notes About Dan’s Pedalboard

This board is straightforward. Two pedals. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. When dialed, this is truly unstoppable. Throw a little color on it afterward, and you’re good to go! That’s what Dan has here, and indeed, Dan’s sound showcases how much you can get out of the HX Stomp.

My takeaways from these worship bass pedalboards

In conclusion, the worship bass guitar is an essential instrument tshouldn’tdn’t be overlooked in any worship team audio mix. A well-crafted bass guitar tone can bring immense potential to the overall sound. In this blog, powe’vee’ve looked at the five best worship bass pedalboards on the market. We’ve also provided an in-depth breakdown of the signal chain for each of the featured bplayers’ers’ pedalboards, offering valuable insights to help you take your sound to new heights.

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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, these pedalboards offer many possibilities. Don’t be shy; experiment with your sound and unleash your full potential. Who knows? You might find the secret to taking your worship team to new heighDon’ton’t hesitate to try them out and experiment with your sound. You never know; one of these pedals might be the key to unlocking an entirely new approach to your playing. I’ve experienced this repeatedly as a player, and it’s so gratifying.

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