5 Drum Rudiments to Increase Your Chops with Brendan Tan (Hillsong Y&F)

5 Drum Rudiments to Increase Your Chops with Brendan Tan (Hillsong Y&F)

When we asked Brendan from Hillsong Y&F what was one thing that took your drumming to the next level, he quickly said “Practicing rudiments.” Rudiments are the foundation of every successful drummer. They are the secret weapon behind every refined fill, complex pattern, and jaw-dropping solo.

Mastering rudiments builds hand strength, helps with stick control, and prepares you to play fills and beats that most would call complex. No matter what your experience level, consistently practicing rudiments will dramatically improve your overall skill set as a drummer.

After years of experience and training with over half a dozen different teachers, Brendan Tan (Drummer for Hillsong Young & Free) practices this more than he preaches, and it has clearly paid off.

In this free video series, Brendan Tan shares 5 of his favorite drum rudiments to quickly increase your chops.

  1. Single Stroke Roll – RL
  2. Double Stroke Roll – RLLL
  3. Paradiddle – RLRRLRLL
  4. Paradiddle-diddle – RLRRLL
  5. Swiss Army Triplet (flam first hit) – lRRL

In Part 2, Brendan shares how he applies his 5 favorite rudiments in a live setting. Click the purple box below and we’ll email it right to you!

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What are your favorite rudiments to practice? And what other questions can we answer about drum technique? Leave us a comment below!

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