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How to Avoid Ministry Burnout

Burnout is a Word That We Hear So Often Nowadays.   So many people are all about the “hustl...

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“You’re Never Gonna Let, Never Gonna Let Me Down!”…Right?

Music is a funny thing. In a utilitarian sense, it’s not very useful, but it holds enormous power ...

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Anyone Can Become a Better Worship Singer by Using this Method

There are 3 parts to your voice & how you engage with them will determine your overall vocal qua...

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Maverick City Music’s Sam Rady Bass Rig Rundown

When it comes to great worship bass tone, Sam Rady has it on lock.   You've heard him on al...

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What Image of God Do Your Worship Sets Paint?

I have two toddlers. You can imagine how much of my life is dedicated to monitoring what goes in my ...

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Picking the Best Inexpensive Universal Headphones for Worship 2021

In-ear monitor world is quite the chase & it can feel like there’s no good option outside of g...

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