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Is Your Church Service Format the Reason Your Church is Apathetic?

Here’s the thing about Sundays: they come every week without fail.   There is no preseaso...

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Are Boutique Guitars Worth the Outrageous Price?

I truly believe that we are living in the golden era of guitar making.   There have never bee...

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How to Deny Someone that Auditioned for the Worship Team Without Hurting Their Feelings

I often use the phrase “the non-sexy side of leadership” when referring to the things we have to...

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Why Worship Musicians Stop Getting Better

So many worship musicians have peaked in their ability as players and it’s not because that’s as...

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The “Secret” to Your Best Sounding Worship Sets [without Spending Thousands on Expensive Software & Equipment]

What’s the “secret” we’re talking about? Using your phone to play backing ambient keys pads...

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Hey Worship Leader or Volunteer! Don’t Forget These 2 Things

Every week we release articles and videos all aimed at developing worship pastors, leaders, musician...

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