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Overdrive Pedals: Finding your tone by Jordan Holt

Overdrive Pedals: Finding Your Tone

We get a lot of questions at Worship Online about overdrive pedals. It’s a great topic and an impo...

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5 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Sound Team and Worship Team

5 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Sound Team & Worship Team

As a musician who has worked and volunteered in churches as a keyboardist, guitarist, vocalist and s...

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Replacing the Lies of the Enemy for a Life of Joy by Jordan Holt

Replacing Lies of the Enemy for Life of Joy

I am so thankful that God gave us emotions. What would life be like if we couldn't get excited and a...

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Set List Ideas for The Perfect Christmas Eve Service! [2018]

Coming up with fresh ideas for your church's Christmas Eve service can be tough... What can you do t...

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Find Purpose In Worship Through God's Creativity by Jordan Holt

Find Purpose in Worship Through God’s Creativity

In serving in worship teams for 15+ years and now being part of an incredible community and industry...

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Guitar Lesson: How to Equip Any Guitarist To Succeed on Sunday

Guitar Lesson: How to Equip Any Guitarist to Succeed on Sunday

In this post I wanted to create an outline of chord shapes that can equip any guitarist, electric or...

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