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What Senior Pastors Really Want from their Worship Leaders

The relationship between Senior Pastors and Worship Leaders can be one of the most difficult to mana...

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The Ultimate Guide to Playing Keys at the End of a Sermon

The keys playing at the end of the sermon is incredibly unique because it's the only truly spontaneo...

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“This New Worship Online Upgrade Blew My Mind! 🤯”

It's finally here! The new & improved Worship Online site: Worship Online 2.0!   Since ...

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How to Lead People that are Older than You

It is both beautiful and difficult to truly love people who are different from yourself.   ...

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Top 10 Hillsong Drummer G.O.A.T Moments

Hillsong Worship, Hillsong UNITED, and Hillsong Young & Free have given the world some of the be...

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5 Ways to Become a Creative Worship Musician

“It’s not about what you can play, but what you can come up with.”   This quote has s...

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