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Get that Massive Worship Drum Tone with this Industry Secret

Payden Hilliard, drummer for Leeland & Co-Owner of Drum Sample Shop, has spent the past 6.5 year...

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The 4 Things Every Great Worship Keyboardist has Nailed Down

Do you remember the first time you ever played keys for a big worship event?   I remember t...

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Leading People You Disagree With

It seems like now more than ever the people of God have differing beliefs on politics, values, &...

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Everything a Guitar Player Should do Before Soundcheck with Nick Mayer

How many times have you barely survived a soundcheck because you came unprepared?   For me, t...

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7 Pro Worship Drummers Give You Their Full Gear Rundown (Bethel, Elevation, Y&F, Hillsong Worship, UPPERROOM, Kari Jobe, & Leeland!)

Welcome to the 1-Stop Spot for an Exhaustive List of All the Gear that the Pro Worship Drummers Use!...

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Over 150 Ways to Improve as a Worship Musician, Worship Vocalist, & Worship Pastor!

Have you ever scrolled through Netflix, thought to yourself "there's nothing good on here that I hav...

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