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Should We Sing Songs that We Know aren’t *Technically* True?

Have you ever printed off the lyrics for your Sunday set and read them aloud? No melody, no accompan...

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How to Develop Vocalists on Your Worship Team

A lot of what we do as worship leaders revolve around the band. But what are you doing to develop yo...

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Everything You Need to Know About Flying with a Guitar

You were just asked to play guitar for an event that’s out of state and your heart skips a beat. Y...

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How to Run an Effective Soundcheck

Service days can be chaotic & inefficient soundchecks can definitely contribute to that chaos. H...

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How to Avoid Ministry Burnout

Burnout is a Word That We Hear So Often Nowadays.   So many people are all about the “hustl...

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“You’re Never Gonna Let, Never Gonna Let Me Down!”…Right?

Music is a funny thing. In a utilitarian sense, it’s not very useful, but it holds enormous power ...

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