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How to Use Electric & Synth Bass Together in a Worship Set with David Curran

Blending your tone in a complementary way is crucial when playing both synth & electric bass in ...

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4 Keys to Staying Grounded in Jesus

2020 was wild. Like, WILD. And that’s putting it mildly. The craziness of the year has taken a tol...

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How to Run an Effective Worship Practice

A lot of worship teams aren’t reaching their full potential simply because they don’t know how t...

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Worship Acoustic Guitar Strumming & Fingerpicking Technique with Bethel Music’s JP Gentile

Were you ever taught how to properly strum, finger-pick, or where to strike your guitar?   ...

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How to Save Money when Buying Used Music Gear

So you’ve been playing music for a bit and you’re itching to add some more pieces to your gear c...

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5 Ways to Revive the Worship Songs You’ve Overplayed

What a Beautiful Name, This is Amazing Grace, Waymaker, Build My Life, Great Are You, Lord… only a...

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