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Are Tube Amps Officially a Waste of Money for Worship Guitarists?

Is it the end of the tube amps are king era?   Not so long ago, the apple of the worship gu...

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“This New Worship Online Upgrade Blew My Mind! 🤯”

It's finally here! The new & improved Worship Online site: Worship Online 2.0!   Since ...

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Top Christmas Worship Songs 2021 [with Tutorials]

We can't wait for this year's Christmas services! Making an incredible Christmas experience for you...

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Everything You Need to Know About Flying with a Guitar

You were just asked to play guitar for an event that’s out of state and your heart skips a beat. Y...

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3 Foundational Keys for Writing Your Own Guitar Parts

One of the most pivotal moments in a musician’s development is their journey from playing other pe...

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“How You Play Acoustic Guitar in a Worship Set Depends on the Other Instruments on Stage” with Bethel Music’s JP Gentile

How you play acoustic guitar worshipping alone at home & how you play on stage with a full band ...

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