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Top 5 Books on Worship 2022

Now more than ever, we have access to resources that will make us better Worship Leaders. Never bef...

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What Worship Leaders Need from Their Senior Pastors

A few weeks ago I wrote about the difficulties that can impede a healthy senior pastor / worship pas...

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The Secret to Attracting High Quality Volunteers to Your Worship Team

My first day as the worship pastor at my church someone on my team said something that truly shocked...

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What Senior Pastors Really Want from their Worship Leaders

The relationship between Senior Pastors and Worship Leaders can be one of the most difficult to mana...

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How to Lead People that are Older than You

It is both beautiful and difficult to truly love people who are different from yourself.   ...

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Is it Possible to Not be Hurt by the Church?

A month or so ago a friend of mine posed this question on Facebook: “Is it possible for a church t...

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