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How to Develop Vocalists on Your Worship Team

A lot of what we do as worship leaders revolve around the band. But what are you doing to develop yo...

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Anyone Can Become a Better Worship Singer by Using this Method

There are 3 parts to your voice & how you engage with them will determine your overall vocal qua...

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Maverick City Music’s Sam Rady Bass Rig Rundown

When it comes to great worship bass tone, Sam Rady has it on lock.   You've heard him on al...

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How to Lead a Room in Worship & Not Just Sing a Song with Brian Nhira

Just because you're a great singer, doesn't mean you're a great worship leader.   In fact, ...

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How To Mic Drums for Your Church Service & Livestream with Chase Weber

The drum kit itself is only one of the factors that go into getting a great sound out of your drums!...

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“How You Play Acoustic Guitar in a Worship Set Depends on the Other Instruments on Stage” with Bethel Music’s JP Gentile

How you play acoustic guitar worshipping alone at home & how you play on stage with a full band ...

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