How To Mic Drums for Church Services & Livestream [Video]

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How To Mic Drums for Church Service & Livestream [Video Below]

The drum kit itself is only one of the factors that go into getting a great sound out of your drums! A huge, and largely overlooked, part of this process is knowing how to mic drums for church services and livestreams.

As you’ll learn in this video, your microphone placement and technique can greatly affect the final sound of the drums. Proper microphone technique can help to capture the full range of the drum kit, including the highs and lows, and can help to isolate specific drums or cymbals.

This can lead to a more balanced, dynamic and polished sound. Additionally, proper microphone placement can help to reduce any unwanted noise, such as bleed from other instruments or room echo. This will enable the sound engineer to make better mixing decisions, a more accurate representation of the drums in the overall mix and therefore a better sound experience for the audience.

In this video, Chase Weber, Co-Owner at Gnome Studios & Livestream Engineer for The Belonging Co., gives you an insider’s step by step guidance on exactly how he approaches miking a drum kit in a live worship service & for livestreams.

Why your drums don’t sound as good as you want them to.

By the time you’re done with this video, you’ll know

  • How to choose the proper mics, and you’ll stop using the wrong microphones.
  • Exactly how and where to place your mic for optimal sound.
  • The “Secrets” to getting your drums to sound massive in a mix.


In part 2 of “How To Mic Drums for Church & Livestreams, we walk you through:

  • 4 different microphone combinations,
  • How to determine which one is perfect for your setup,
  • And how to maximize that set up for the room you’re in.

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