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Grammy Winning Songwriter Shares how He Overcomes Writer’s Block

    Jonas Myrin is a Grammy-winning songwriter, and today he shares how he stays inspired to write fresh and unique worship lyrics. Jonas has written songs recorded by some of the biggest names in Worship, like Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and Hillsong United. In this episode, you’ll learn about his songwriting process & how

The Secrets to Next Level Dynamic Worship Leading with David Dennis

    What if the way you lead is the reason your church isn’t engaging in worship like you wish they would?   There’s two types of Worship Leaders: those that sing songs & those that lead rooms. The things present in a worship leader that knows how to lead a room makes the world

Are You Leading People to Yourself or Jesus with John Wilds

    The tension of being a Kingdom leader is creating a community where people feel like they belong, but don’t elevate you to the same level as the Lord; placing their hope and value in you. We see instances of this all throughout history & typically it’s an unintentional elevation. In today’s episode with