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Music Theory 101

Music Theory 101

Music theory is the common language between all instruments. The more you understand about theor...

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worship bass tone

Worship Bass Guitar Tone 101 – Direct Boxes & Pedals

Having great bass guitar tone is extremely important in not just worship music, but any style of mus...

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Meet The Worship Online Team!

Ever wondered what a day at the Worship Online offices/studio is like? We love getting to serve wor...

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worship leading questions

We Answer Your Worship Leading Questions!

Every day we get tons of great worship leading questions from guys! So I thought, what better way t...

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stereo electric guitar

The Ultimate Guide To Stereo Electric Guitar

If you've ever wondered why a guitar player would use 2 amps, how they use 2 amps, or you just want...

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The ultimate guide to using a guitar capo

The Ultimate Guide To Using A Guitar Capo

I get asked all of the time about using a guitar capo, or where to capo for certain keys. I coul...

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